Free Download Viber Messaging app for Samsung Galaxy S4


Viber is one of the favourite apps for having a conversation for free. A�Yup no call charges no worries of the huge bill at the month end or having that guilt feeling A�”Damn !!!”. Viber allows you more than just make calls on 3g or Wi-Fi, it good all round suite for sending sms, text or send video messages to users across the world. That makes it an ideal app for people who are always on the go while working on tight budget.Long hours chats with friends or work colleagues is easier and better.Viber offers excellent voice quality removing the hassles of quirky noises that are always heard when one tries a long distance call over GSM or CDMA networks.

Viber for Samsung S4

The Korean Giant launched its Galaxy S4 sometime back, installing Viber on this phone is a breeze.Just go the Android Play store click on the download button to download the app.After downloading the app will ask your permission for syncing your contacts, its a nifty feature making it easy for you to call people on your contact list via Viber.Once setup is done calls required 3g or Wi-Fi for free calling, if u India watch out for that 3g data plan, long chats can dent your pocket. Have fun talking

Download Viber for Samsung S4,Samsung S3,Samsung S2