Fast And Furious 6 The Game for Android review and free download


This 231 MB free racing game app from the Google Play Store by game publisher Kabam is based, as you would have guess it, on the movie of the same name viz, a�?Fast and Furiousa�? series starring the famous Paul Walker who recently died in a car crash. And just like in the movie, the gamer can choose from a plethora of performance tuned vehicles to race in urban street racing locales. You can drift and drag along racecourses along Londona��s street racing scene, pull off jobs in heist mode, and much more all on the streets of London using such famous cars such as the 1972 Ford Grand Turino , or the BMW M3. Although the game is free, it does carry additional in-app purchases.

Fast and furious 6

Fast And Furious 6 The Game For Android Download


The game requires you to spend either currency or gold although some items are only purchasable by gold purchases. Buying with gold gets you immediate delivery too, while purchasing with coins means you may have to wait. The game play consists of five car classes and six areas. The start is simple with a simple 3, 2, 1 countdown and the gamer just needs to hit the Launch button to start the race. There are also drift controls when the car passes over the drift box. Unlike other racing games, there are no steering, brakes or other pedals that one must control in this game, instead, ita��s all about timing, and specifically timing the initial release to the gear shift timings that makes one a winner or loser in this game. Your opponents are skillful mercenaries that are adept, so you better be on your foot forward. So, when you race make sure you hit the levers that control the gears with perfect timing as also the nitrous oxide boost A�button for those sudden speed surges that will speed propel you through the race course by speed injecting nitrous oxide into the engine. The presentation throughout the game is fairly impressive, with lots of graphic work having gone into the cars, the locale, and the scenery. You can navigate the game using an overhead map which displays the drag race areas and the drift areas and the driver training sessions. Naturally, every time you win a game, you earn credit points which can be used to design car changes or upgrades, but as noted, it may take times for upgrades to arrive unless they are done with gold.

REQUIREMENTS: Android 2.3 and up.

Fast And Furious 6 The Game download