DuoLingo free Language Learning App for Android : Learn for Free


If you are using Android phone and want to learn some different language with the help of your smartphone then Carnegie Mellon University project brings you with an application which will help you to learn languages with fun and interest. Most important thing to note is that you will learn your favorite language without shelling any penny.A�DuoLingo was started with Spanish and German languages initially but with the growing popularity they have added up with some more languages like French, Italian and Portuguese. App is developed with the help of crowd-sourced translations which means translation that came from random people on the web. This might be an issue with some of the users but overall it is the best way to add words in this app.


DuoLingo is build like game so that you can play each level and carry on with your advanced learning. You can have group study which is beginnera��s level in this app and carry out each exercise well to advance to next level. You will find difficulty because this app does not have some basic alphabets which are necessary to carry out exercise successfully. If you have some knowledge of the language then it is fine else you will stuck at initial level as there is no basic alphabets and pronunciations of some words.

While playing and learning on this app you will get XP points for completing each level of the game. You can also challenge yourself by playing negative marking game play. Your every answer is matched up with the best answers and you are prompt with the score of each level. If you want to learn fast then refer this app with your friends so that you can face real competition which will boost your learning and skills and winning it too. Dona��t think that you will end this game soon as there are 71 levels only for German and rest more with other languages. Once you complete all the level in easy mode then you can continue with difficulty mode which will be more effective in learning new difficult words.

You can rectify your mistakes by playing game in this app and you can check your progress in terms of speaking, listening, reading and writing with this app. It will develop you all round with this key aspect of learning languages. New words introduced will have proper pronunciation and picture for proper understanding. If you want to be the master of something then you need to have proper and regular practice. This app also allows you with same feature, you will be reminded to open this app and practice for sometime as your teachers remind you to do homework and project work.
Overall it is a good app for learning new languages but it wona��t help you to develop native language proficiency. On other hand it will help you to learn languages with fun and covers all the key aspects of learning language. DuoLingo should add up with new languages which will be very useful for the users to learn the language which they need to learn.
Download it from the link provided below and start learning new languages on your smartphone.