Download Vine for iphone


We can say that vine is like Twitter for video. With the vine app, you will be able to record your own video on your iphone and this video can be of 6 seconds. After that it can be posted to your social network. Once you have downloaded the app into your phone, you can then sign in with your Twitter or email. This means that even if you are not having twitter account then also you will be able to use the application. On the application, At the launch of the app, there was an option with the help of which you can sign up directly with your Facebook account but unfortunately this option was removed in just 24 hours of application launch.




If you see the interface of the Vine application then it is very same as the Cinemagram. There are tabs available for Profile, Explore and Activity. These apps are placed on the top navigation bar. They have designed the interface of the apps so user-friendly so that it is very simple to learn. To make the video, you have to tap on the icon for camera which is there at the top corner of the navigation bar. To start recording, just hold your finger on the screen. You can hold the screen for entire 6 seconds or you can remove it and then record some other video in the same way. Once you record your video then you can also add caption with hash-tags along with the location. All these recorded videos also get saved in the Camera Roll. If you are not able to login into vine with your Facebook id then you can also post the videos on Twitter or Vine itself. It will take hardly 5 seconds and after that video will be live to see.


  • User friendly interface
  • One-touch video continuation
  • Can select video length upto 6 seconds
  • Audi recording
  • Quick upload and sharing


  • Android version not available
  • Profile cannot kept private
  • cannot use earlier recorded video