Download Tossup App from Microsoft for iOS, Android


In todaya��s techno savvy world the use of mobile phone and computer has become widespread. The present day youth is addicted to their smartphones. No wonder various apps are very popular with the customers.Now-a-days people from all age groups young as well as seniors are often seen glued to their smartphone, so much so that people have started keeping in touch with each other through their phones and apps like WhatsApp has proved to be very useful. WhatsApp has gained popularity very fast as the app is convenient, easy to use and free for the customers.


Microsoft has introduced their latest app from their Garage division, which is rapidly becoming popular amongst the school and college going fraternity. This new app is called Tossup. It is designed for an exclusive group of friends who wish to exchange ideas and fix when and where to meet.

The team from Microsofta��s Outlook division has developed this Tossup app, the idea behind this app is to make it convenient for everyone in the group to decide where to go and to plan what to do and how to spend the time together. One of the members from the team can send question to all other at a time, others can respond by voting yes or no on these decisions. The members can invite the other members to express their opinion on the concerned topic on the cards.

This app is available in Google Play Store, and it is yet another example of an app being launched on a platform other than Windows. The member can also invite the other members of the group to vote via email, text messages or Facebook.
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