Download Top 7 Taxi Booking App for Android India


Just a single dial can bring a cab for your service. Is it possible? Well, yes this is possible. Technology is getting advance at each level. By just downloading this application, you can get beautiful service just on one click. Order or booking cab for short trip or long journey can be possible just on you’re Smartphone. In the crowd of these application, top seven taxi Booking App for Android India.

Taxi Booking App for Android India:


Ola cab app

OLA cab service is famous cab service. It offers taxi service from your source to the needful destination. The service of OLA cab is available not only in Mumbai and Delhi but also in Gurgaon, Pune, Banglore. Traveling in OLA Cab gives you best comfort as personal transportation. User can also select car of choice accordingly. How this app works?

  • All you need to do is download this app, on installing on your Smartphone you can easily start using that.
  • Set source and destination
  • Select cab from available list.
  • After selecting required option, click on ‘Ride now’, to book your cab
  • On confirmation, you will get car details like car number and also driver’s information.
  • Users have to pay only at the end of journey. They have professional drivers who have gone through rigorous check. Booking a cab for full day, local half-day or for a complete journey is possible.

Download OLA Cab App

Meru Cab


This is India’s best and most popular taxi service. Meru cab provides cab service in Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

  • There are various options to select the Pickup Address
  • GPRS service is available; identification of addresses can be easy.
  • The ‘Nearby’ tab available can select the address , if the same is close to any of the previous booking . However only 5 previous booking can be referred
  • If any particular address is being repeatedly booked, the same can be added for quick booking.
  • After booking the cab, tracking the cab on the map is possible and hence estimated time of arrival can be worked out.
  • The cab driver can be called directly from the App
  • During the travel, knowing the time of tavel and estimated arrival time can be known.
  • E-receipt is issued, review of service can be given at the end of journey.

This service available for both Meru cabs and Meru plus cabs.
Download Meru Cabs

Tab cab


After listing of OLA cab, Meru cab, how can someone miss to note Tab cab. Yes , tab cab has also come up with its own apps. Just a click can book a cab to your door steps. With this app you can book a cab of your choice. A trip or journey to your favorite location in complete luxurious way, through this app you can also track your cab details or view history of your previous booking. Cancellation and modifying the booking details is very easy with just click on your Smartphone, Isn’t this a good part?
Download Tab Cabs

Mega Cab:


This cab is ready at your service by just one call. This service is available in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Amritsar and also other cities in India. This Cab service promises to provide convenient way for booking a cab; this is the only cab service available in more than seven cities across India. This app comes with support numbers to book a cab from your local area.
Download MegaCab App

Easy Cab


Easy Cab application makes easy way to book your cab. This is also a app which is considered as finest app in booking a cab. To make booking a easy part, Easy cab helps you with good service. Now booking a cab at anytime is as easy as playing your favorite game. Just a single click can result into arrival of Cab at your door-steps. You can easily add source and destination as needed. Keeping a check on your booking history can be done any time through your application. As a single click can book a cab, similarly it can also cancel your order or modify your source or destination from your Smartphone through that particular app.
Download EasyCab Ap

Book my Cab:


Booking a private cab can be easy, but booking a government approved taxi service can be bit difficult at times, but this app helps you with this issue. provides you range of taxi service to any nooks and corner of city. This can be most reliable and trust able service to book your cab. They provide 24-hours of helpline to order a pick-up or drop. Through app you can easily book your can from required source and destination, with any date, time as per your need. Just a click can confirm your cab. You can also receive complete car details , through which your journey is fixed. You don’t have to worry, in case if your internet fails at any point of time in between booking or tracking your cab. Just selecting ‘SEND’ button, when your phone is not connected to internet, at that time a SMS will be sent to book or make changes. This app is surely on my list. You can still track your cab details or book, even if you are offline.
Download BookmyCab

Savaari Car Rental app:

Savaari Car Rental app

This is one of the oldest firms providing service. It is famous for offering cars on rent in 60 different cities through 158 vendors. They are serving customers with all best they can offer, from past 10 years. Gaurav Aggarwal , an entrepreneur belongs to this business. Gaurav, belongs to family serving in transport business from two generation, you can make out from this that, an experience can make a person expertise in that particular field. Now, to speed up with technology and make online presence, they have come up with app. Through this app you can book your cab as needed. They promise you to provide best cab service at affordable rate.
Download Saavari Car Rental App

These are list of top seven Taxi booking app for android India, which makes booking easy, but selection from this must be users’ choice.