Download Top 5 Windows Games for month of November 2014


Entertainment is a key ingredient while developing smartphones in today’s world and so inclusion of games with their respective drivers is important. Windows have launched is store for downloading games and application. Daily new updates occur across the windows app store. As windows store expands daily, it may confuse new user in windows with which games to download and which one to avoid and so we have got a list of games that are new and recently updated. Our review will help you decide the game you want to download first.

Windows Phone 8

Beach buggy racing
The game is a sequel of beach buggy blitz (earlier version) and with this new version many purgation have been made. The game is all about racing in kart and competing with other racers to win. As the game progresses you will experience various environments and skins that you always dreamt to do while racing. The game allows you to upgrade your kart with the latest equipment so that you can beat other racers. Another exciting part is one gets to collect a team of racer based on their unique powers that might help you win race. You have 12 spectacular racetracks, unlimited power up to unlock, and many other features that may keep you going.

Dead Earth: Trigger Man Duty & Last Shooter Call
It is the Best sci-fi shooter game is available in windows market with great graphics and gameplay. You play the central character responsible in saving human race again deadliest and rebellious machines. You have to defeat the bosses of various cities and game provides unlimited ammo to get hold of that city. You have upgrade your weapons to defeat each boss and in total there are 10 such up gradation it doesn’t mean there are only 10 levels the game extends quite a bit. You also have other explosive support to make sure you win in difficult condition. The game provides you armour and ammo to upgrade with this an endless wave of enemies to fight with.

Highway traffic racer
If you are planning to learn driving or are interested in racing this 3D game is best to play with. With huge numbers of cars to unlock this game is fun to play for hours. The game objective is to win the races in different and sometimes challenging traffic situations. The game has amazing 3D graphics, which looks decent, you can almost have a 3D simulation on your device. The more you drive the more you earn and you can get hold of more cars, upgrade the old ones and lots more. The background music is also awesome and its fun while playing. The cars provided and environment provided are developed very well and its completely detailed oriented designing.

Enjoy the world’s best full featured free puzzle game on windows phones. The game has evolved a lot since its first update and constantly newer updates have been added new levels, removal of bugs etc. The game provides you with 8 levels of 9X9 Sudoku puzzle to play with from beginner1 level to insanity level. Sudoku version of windows also auto resumes from your last move. The game has hint pencil and guess mode, which will help your chances to win this game. The game has few other features and for all the smart ones this game will blow your mind.

Street fighter alpha 3
The retro street fighting game is back with new graphics and environment. Capcom’s traditional 2D fighting game added new option over its predecessor. The game is developed on standard street fight controls and moves and to get hold of some of the special moves you need to try various combination to activate it. Street fighting 3 includes multiple fighting styles for players to choose from and with each style comes different moves. The game’s graphics is quite awesome and especially when the super powers are activated. The game is must play especially on high hand windows phone as the graphics looks stunning on it.