Download Top 5 racing games for Android devices


Racing games are the coolest games of all. The demand for racing games are always there from masses. Multiplayer has added another dimension to gaming, friends foe or families can join in race.Android ecosystem offers a wide variety of choices for the gaming enthusiast. We will look at some of the best racing games for android devices available Let’s start listing number of racing games on Android.

Top 5 Racing Games for Android Devices

Download Speed Racing game for Android free via Google Play

Speed racing

Get, Set, Go! Are all mad behind this game? Drivers must be set back with a hold on the steering wheel to speed up on each level. Speed Racing is a game in which brakes are not allowed, players must only accelerate speed to give tough competition to its opponents. Earning coins will unlock different cars. This game is fun to play with your buddies. Downloading this on Android is very much easier, by just visiting the Google Play Store.

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Speed Racing

Download GT Racing 2 game for Android free via Google Play

GT racing 2

A cool racing game developed by Gameloft. Winning races, struggling to pass each lap are a part of all racing games, but playing with GT Racing adds a unique essence to the fun. One can get the cool pleasure of virtual driving on Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, and Ford Model T. Racing at each second, motivates you win the race. This game is listed as one of the top game in Android Racing game.

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GT Racing 2

Download Traffic Racer game for Android free via Google Play

traffic racer

This game has set a milestone in racing category. Driving your car breaking speed limit on the highway, earning cash is a great idea behind this game. The aesthetic 3D graphic are totally stunning, playing in different environments like dessert, snowy regions are exciting. Players can also change cars from 12 different options.

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Traffic Racer

Download Death Rally game for Android free via Google Play

Death rally

This is a 2D game, but has no less fun as compared to 3D games. Death Rally, is a stunning and a marvelous piece of game. Racing till the end, using weapons, explosive to be first, is a part of the race. A racer can customize their cars; this game can be downloaded by visiting the Google Play store.

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Death Rally FREE

Download Need For Speed Most Wanted game for Android free via Google Play

Need for speed most wanted

Most Wanted is latest racing series under NFS franchise, it is a hard-core racing game. The cops in this game can get you at any moment as soon as you miss your single step in racing. NFS is a true legend, this has added dimension to the racing game.

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Need for Speed Most Wanted