Download Top 5 launchers for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the most premium and latest addition to the epic Note series of Smartphonea��s from Samsung. Every feature is upgraded whether its performance or design.Galaxy Note 4 is the priciest as well as premium Smartphone ever by Samsung thus featuring some great features which are milestones in mobile phone technology. The main features of this Smartphone being:
1.5.7inch gigantic super AMOLED display with resolution of 1440*2560
2.Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7GHz and coupled with 3GB RAM
3.16MP rare camera with 3.7MP front shooter
4.32GB internal storage with SD card compatibility up to 128GB
5.3220mAh Li-ion battery providing 20h talk time on 3G
Overall the best premium Smartphone worldwide. Since the Lollipop update is yet to arrive, you will have to use the Kit Kat experience on this monster Smartphone. However you can enjoy the unique features on this Smartphone from the best launcher in the market. Currently being flooded by launchers we have navigated these highly productive and functional launchers which will best suit your Samsung galaxy Note 4. All of these launchers are chosen ones and are worth to be tried.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Top Launcher for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

1. Nova Launcher Prime: Basically Nova launcher is the smooth and customizable launcher for high end Android Smartphonea��s i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, etc. This launcher features every basic customisation but the Prime ingredient of this launcher is the 2nd stage of this launcher which brings incredible features in your Smartphone. After getting access to Nova Launcher Prime, you can enjoy multiple gestures like pinch, double tap, swipe, etc. The unread count plug-in keeps you always on track about every notification in a spotless way. With the use of its custom Drawer Groups feature, you can create new folders and tabs in the app drawer. Moreover it lets you hide applications, you can set particular action to a particular icon it must perform on swiping, and many other effects are present. Thus being the most comprehensive launcher.

2. Google Now Launcher: This is the easiest and most reliable way to bring Google Now and the taste of Lollipop closer to your Smartphone. With this launcher you will definitely enjoy a blink of material design which will still take time to reach in your hands. You will get the Google Now features in much more smooth and faster way. It provides you easy access to all the Google derivatives like Gmail, You tube, etc. Besides these features, you will experience a translucent flavor in your navigation bar with wallpaper visible in back ground. Few customisations are also made available before setting up wallpaper on your device.

3. Yahoo Aviate Launcher: It is a beautiful vow launcher from Yahoo which lets you use the application depending upon your use, ita��s automatic process keeps your home screen and its icons in cluster free manner, keep your favorite persons on easy navigation instead of searching in the contacts bundle, it lets you check your sleeping time, weather and other updates in morning time, once you pull in your headset, it will automatically open up the music player for you. It provides beautiful look to your Smartphone by hundreds of wallpapers on the go.

4. Buzz Launcher: Ita��s an award winning highly personalized launcher with unique features. Its shared home screen applying feature is remarkable. Unlike most of the launchers, it is ad free provides 650000 above themes to choose from. You can apply different transition effects based on their speed which can be categorised into multiple, smooth fast and easy. You can easily share your home screen on social networks, pop out unique widgets, even create your own widget and do much more. Ita��s clearly a revolution in the world of launchers.

5. Everything Me Launcher: It is all about speed and timing. If you want a launcher which can perform most productive activity within few taps, then this is your type. This launcher lets you search for your contacts, apps and everything else just by typing first few letters. It features many innovative features like smart folders for organising content in folders neatly, advanced search option letting you search in a lightning fast speed, thus proving to be the most productive launcher in day to day life.