Download Top 5 iPhone Games for 3rd week January 2015


With the buzz of latest iPhone games all over the world, the developers are burning their midnight oils to produce some great games for your iPhone but due to increased competition they need to make a difference in their games for getting famous. The huge count of games was recently released but only the few of them could make it into our list. The main reason behind it being poor storyline or poor graphics or either it can be due to high price. So, after hovering over the web, we have enlisted here the latest and hottest games for the 3rd week of January 2015. So, leta��s hustle, fight, and have fun all over again with this new stuff.

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Top 5 iPhone Games for 3rd Week January 2015

1. SoulCraft: Ita��s an action role playing game where you have to play the role of an angel and you are the one who will decide the winning side. The dungeons and demons have come together to destroy the humanist circle of life, so ita��s your responsibility to save the humanity of humans. Ita��s up to you to decide whether humans or Gods in heaven or evil will won this fight. You can play this game in five modes which are Hell Gate, time run, arena, crystal defense and boss fights. A high standard weapon system including loads of weapons is present for the fights.

2. Swing Shot: Its an easy and fun to play game which everyone can enjoy. The controls are simple, just tap and drag to throw the sling at monkeys on the trees and sloths. Ita��s not just this simple, it is provided with different modes which get highly competitive in sniper mode and crazy mode. You will have to build your own different skills while playing in 4 different worlds across 48 stages. You will find enemies hiding, flying and attacking, so be cautions. Lots of upgrades for you and your animal friends are available.
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3. Zombie Gunship: These classic zombie killing games have gained a huge popularity since then and are still leading the gaming arena. This is 1st person zombie shooting game where you have to kill waves of zombies by using different weapons which include Gatling gun, Bofors auto cannon, and howitzer cannon. The game is playable with 3D night vision glasses till the end. You have to kill the zombies are save humans from getting overrun by them. In the meantime you will be earning scores, ranks and coins used for upgrades.

4. Magic Wingdom: Ita��s an intermixed puzzle cum action game which is more likely to give you a dose of addiction. Manage your Magic bird farm, enlarge it up to 4 yards, and unlock up to 20 amazing birds and loads of decorating items like toys, plants, etc. You can get all this by performing well in the game, which will make you earn coins, gaming points and emeralds. Quests are also available for unlocking to get achievements

5. Autorobot: Being a tower defense game, you will have to take charge as battlefield commander and defend your tower against the enemies. This game can be played in arcade mode as well as endless mode. Arcade mode is composed of few levels while as endless mode is literally endless till defeat. Loads of weapons are available with cool up gradations onwards, overall 100 levels are present. Leader board is also incorporated to track your success with respect to others.