Download Top 5 Games for LG G Flex 2


Games are the most dominant form of entertainment ever created on Earth; they have been started ages before and have reached this development. The current game play is highly advanced and most of the popular games are currently in HD format. The real gaming experience comes from the good visual and processing experiment and becomes amazing with the curved display offering much more than clarity. LG G Flex 2 houses a 5.5inches curved display with full HD display providing best ever visual experience. Its super-fast Quad core Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 1.5GHz along with 2GB RAM and Adreno 430 GPU making it able to run every game with ease and efficiency. The Smart-phone of this standard can provide much more than another can do. Thus we have provided you a list of high definition and adventurous games which will definitely enjoy playing with your LG G Flex 2

lg g flex 2

1. Call of Mini: zombies: The #1 raging action zombie smashing game is here. You are the hero, the hope of the town which has got infected by the virus making people crave for each other’s brains. You are equipped with guns and rockets to charge on zombies and save the rest of mankind from getting infected. This game has got excellent 3D visuals, sound and loads of weapons to be unloaded upon the zombies. Just go out there in the time and start your run and gun action.

2. Island Castaway: Lost World: It is a highly adventurous game full of mysteries and built from an interesting storyline. Due to the accident, your ship is totally demolished and you are stuck on an island. Now your main goal is to survive on this Island and finally get out of it. For that you have to be the leader of castaway and keep them in unity and build stuff on the island like fish farm for food, go on quests. There are 850 quests waiting for you to be exploring along with 35 resources needed to build, 32 characters and 28 dishes to eat. There is much more stuff to be unlocked like magic spells for protection, etc.

3. Kitty Jump: It’s a very adventurous game where you have to keep kitty making jump higher and higher to collect sausage. You will find rockets, balloons, for flying them. Be aware of landing because the ground is made of different materials like earth, stones, ice, etc. The more you will make your kitten climb higher, the tougher situations will arrive. Stay away from the obstacles and the monsters around you.

4. El Chavo: The carnival is about to start, it’s just waiting for you to join. Enter this fun carnival in mansion of Mr Beliarge. You will have to join Chavo and other companions and enjoy playing different mini games. Play knockdown with Mr Raymond, shooting with Mr Beliarge in his shooting range, ghosts and skulls with Miss Pinster in her horror house. If you won the games, you will earn the tickets to be used in buying cool gadgets at Mrs. Worthmore’s shop.

5. Stellar Salvation: Play the role of a captain of a crew appointed to fight back against the pirates and newly evolved aliens. But for the you will have to play as a fair captain in training your crew, go on missions and get your ship upgraded enough to fight back against the evils. Fight with the mighty power and eliminate the alien threat completely once forever. You can earn the credits from the missions you succeed which will be used for upgrades.