Download Top 5 Android Games for the month of November 2014


Entertain is the key objective of all the device manufactures and so is the need of smartphones and its respective market have aroused. Among all the smartphones android is one of the most popular and widely used mobile OS that has over 4 million application under their preview out of which approx. half application are games. Games are consider one the imp part of any device and since Nokia 3315 introducing games is a culture the most popular in those days was Snakes and now more advance games with better colours etc. are available under different types. Below are the top 5 games for this month for all our android customers.

Android Game L

Top 5 Android Game for our User: Play,De-stress, Play more


If you are, a fan of BMX bikes or ever dream of riding one then Bike racing is the game you would love. Bike racing 3D is a simulation where you can ride the BMX bike on different terrain and variety of treacherous tracks that is not all to earn points you need to perform various stunts and complete levels defeat the masters to become the master of bike racing 3D. The game is well designed and every object is artistically created. While riding you will feel the game to be alive. The company has provided over 50 levels in career mode with five BMX bikes that makes almost 300 levels in total to play which means you will have a hell of a game and will last long.

Cricket world cup

India games one of the largest game developers who have designed many games for PC as well as mobiles have brought cricket wold cup for us. With full HD graphics, you can enjoy cricket on your device. The game has a 3D layout with high definition graphics, which means all the characters, stadium, and crowd umpire, will be in 3D view. The game allows various settings for user to select mode of play, overs, difficulty level, batting order, bowling order, players, and stadium. You can change your strategy while playing games, which is more important. Game allows you cinematic experience and do not forget to watch ball-to-ball analysis and replay mode. With 14 teams 6 stadiums and 3-difficulty layer, this cricket world cup has lot to offer.

Plants vs zombies 2

This is the game that you should not miss grow the plants in your lawn to keep away from zombies. The game is awarded and most liked by all the leading TV shows and newspapers. With return of zombies, the action needs to be re-invented and this game does the same. Join crazy Dave in his journey and help him dawn to until end to stop this blood sucker ZOMIBES from affecting more people. Dave has an army of newly added super charged plants that will help him in his mission and help him to create a new defence line against zombies. You as Dave have to just help the plant to neuter and provide all the efficient content to grow them more powerful a help crazy Dave save himself. Here Dave is the heroes and plant being its partner in crime. Game has multiple challenges, each challenge will unlock doors to the next one, and you will win coins that will help you build your arsenal. With many super powers and the game is fun to play with. Overall graphics are quite good but it will not matter as you will be busy deciding the strategy.

RC Car Hill Racing 3D:

RC car hill 3d is a 3D simulation application with various options to work with. The game acts as a racing competition and one that reaches first will win is the objective. The car is a mixture of ATV and F1 that means with a single soft press it will accelerate at its top speed. The most imp part of the games is controlling the vehicle with jump acceleration and various controls the game is a fun to play with. The game has many driving modes and various control options to play with. At the end of each level, you earn points that are required to repair and upgrade your car. The game graphics are ok but may enhances on high hand devices.

Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D

First police chasing game has been launched on android where all the new police recruits will be taught to drive the police cars. The recruits will monitor there scanner and will catch the bad guys and earn reward points the user gets an opportunity to drive different police vehicle as per different countries. The game shows day and night time driving experience and where user/driver helps you improve the skills and show new ones to receive the appreciation. The concept of the game is awesome and so is the gameplay while chasing the scums with siren played in the background you can imagine the game and the fun involved in it. So just start your engine and show us some skills of your own to beat the highest score.