Download Top 5 Android Application for November 2014


Android play store has over 4 million application for all its user. Out of this 4 million 50% are applications that can assist you while you are working. The smartphone era has changed everything from fitness to navigation, from stock market to news etc. Now people have switched to Android only because of its unlimited potential and excellent every growing application store. One is spoil for choices. With an ever growing list it becomes difficult to keep track. We decided that our viewers would like it if we go ahead and keep track of applications. Here are list of few new application that can be useful to all our users.

Android 5 Lollipop

Top 5 Android Applications for November: Download, Use, Have fun

Zero launcher

A team of young passionate designer have designed this application to overcome the error they faced while using any other launcher. The application is quite different from all other launcher present on the play store. With a launching time of 0.2 sec and with 1 M b size of the application Zero launcher is the best ever found 3D launcher. With zero comes some of the best premium themes that a user can have with least a lag. The transition between the screens is flawless and unlike any other launcher, this launcher does not hang the device.

Full Screen Photo Caller ID:HD

Smart logica��s product that is helps you recognize the person calling to you by just seeing his or her image on your screen. The application allows you to choose and set a particular image form the gallery for a particular contact. The application has 7 themes that is user defined. This full screen called id works for SMS/mms/calling feature of the device. The application doesna��t require any internet facility just select the image from the gallery for a particular contact and select the theme and from next call you will see a full screen caller id for the particular contact.

APUS Notification

Apus notification is a plug in designed for apus launcher. This application is installed to get notification on any particular application i.e. whenever we have a un read message this application will basically create a badge on top of the application icon to help the user distinguish it and this badge will disappear only when you have seen the notification. This application supports messages, calls, whatsapp, Gmail. The badges will appear on all those icons that you have selected and if your app is on your home screen you still will be shown badges until you read them.

Inbox by Gmail

Gmail team builds this application and named it inbox this application will read all your application and push them in the form of notification reminders and highlights. The application will read all your mail and will bundle the use less and similar ones together so that you can remove them by just one tap thus less space is being occupied. The application will remind you about something important and set alarms for it with respect to those alarms it will notify you as well as give you option to snooze it. Inbox has a very powerful search option thus it will be real quick to search something that have passed from your eyes ages ago.

Clash of Gangs

One of the best game ever played created. is the number one game developer and the same company developed this game. This strategy game allows you to be the boss of the town for that you just have to create a group of trusty and strong soldiers that will help you win. The game allows to also add military grade choppers guns ammos and lots more to help you take over another clan. The game need you to develop your own base and defend it to hold your reputation as boss of the town. With your team you can raid other clans and challenge them to take control of that location. This is the number one strategy game ever seen it has a very good review overall and its total installs explains everything.