Download Top 10 best games for Windows Phone devices for year 2013


Windows Phone 8 is a comparatively new operating system introduced in the market and the best part is that slowly and steadily the number of apps and games are also coming up for it. Its been more than a year now that windows phone 8 is out and there have been many games that have come up for it, some individually, some through the xbox integration. But we are not complaining how they come until they come and fast. One disadvantage is that many cool games are paid ones, but still they are there. So we are doing the complete roundup of the best games for Windows Phone for the year of 2013.

Top 10 best games for Windows Phone devices 2013

Download Hill Climb Racing game for Windows Phone via Store

Hill Climb Racing

This physics based game has been a huge hit when it was introduced for iOS and Android and now with its introduction to Windows Phone 8, this game has received a lot of downloads and many positive reviews. The best part of it is that it is now completely updated with the android and iOS versions and so the windows users are not missing out on any fun and compromises in the game. Just make sure you are near the charger if you run out of juice.
Windows Phone StoreHill Climb Racing - Windows Phone

Download Temple Run Brave game for Windows Phone via Store

Temple Run Brave

Temple run’s Brave edition is out for windows phone and with a small disappointment that it is a paid one, but other than that it is an awesome game made. With new features and graphics and better routes, the game has now become much more interesting and engrossing and many new missions have been designed to make the phone more competitive. The developers at Disney have done a great job developing the game.
Windows Phone StoreTemple Run Brave - Windows Phone

Download Need For Speed Hot Pursuit game for Windows Phone via Store

Need for speed hot pursuit
The hot pursuit version of the NFS portfolio has gained a lot of popularity on PC, consoles and on other smartphone eco-systems like Android and iOS. Now it has also been released for windows phone with the awesome xbox integration where you can connect with other xbox players and play against each other increasing the competitive spirit and providing the players with a new room for connectivity and multiplayer options. The graphics of the game have been awesomely made and if you have an phone with a HD display, then you will really enjoy playing this game a lot.
Windows Phone StoreNeed for speed Hot Pursuit - Windows Phone

Download Assasins Creed game for Windows Phone via Store

Assasins Creed Pirates
This very popular title for consoles and PC is now also available for Windows phone. The gameplay and storyline of this game is absolutely same as that on the consoles and on android and iOS, but the controls are a bit different due to the touchscreen interface which is a bit tricky. But nothing to worry about since they are provided with a good tutorial at the beginning that teaches you how to play the game and after about 3-4 missions you will be playing the game very fluently.
Windows Phone StoreAssassins Creed Altaïrs Chronicles HD - Windows Phone

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne game for Windows Phone via Store

Asphalt 8 Airborne
This very popular mobile racing title in its 8th edition was one of the first real high graphics game to come to Windows Phone and also the game has been optimized so awesomely that the game plays really well even on the dual core processors and 512 MB of RAM which is the minimum specs available on Windows Phone today. And even in that all the graphics and design of the game are really awesome with absolutely no lag at all. Now that it really superb and amazing if you are totting a windows phone.
Windows Phone StoreAsphalt 8 Airborne - Windows Phone

Download Where is my water game for Windows Phone via Store

wheres my water
This game from Disney studios is a really wonderful one with a very unique concept. Based on one of their cartoons telecasted on the channel, this game is actually more inclined towards small kids who play on their parents’ mobiles, but occasionally you will also find many elders totting this game because of its interesting and fun puzzles which capture your mind and is also a good mental exercise along with nice fun. Just make sure that you make the water reach its destination before it runs out.
Windows Phone StoreWheres My Water - Windows Phone

Download Six Guns game for Windows Phone via Store

Six Guns
This is an amazing and one of the top rated games on xbox for windows phone. The best part is that this game is available for free for windows phone. This is an exclusive game developed only for windows phone and hence this makes it much more fun. Also the xbox integration makes playing the much more fun due to the social connect and all. this game is very well made and it is really very addictive that will make you really put in a lot of hours on your phone playing this game.
Windows Phone StoreSix Guns - Windows Phone

Download Mafia City game for Windows Phone via Store

Mafia City
If you are a fan of thug and criminal games and wanting make your alter ego an underworld boss, then you will really enjoy this game. Most importantly this game has all the features of the basic GTA made for mobile and hence you will really enjoy playing this game where the laws do not apply to you. so pick up your windows phone and move up the ranks of the underworld to become the kingpin else just roam the streets as a thug, the choice is yours. The touchscreen interface will also gave you a difference pleasure to control your character in the game. Just make sure to differentiate which is the real life and the game life.
Windows Phone StoreMafia City - Windows Phone

Download Rail Rush game for Windows Phone via Store

Rail Rush
This is a bit of a spin off since subway surfers is not quite available for windows phone yet. The developers at Miniclip studios have done a great job making this game with some new story concept but it still has some shortcomings and will require some more updates until the game comes to some proper shape. A little more graphics can do good, but still if you give this game a try, it is a bit hard to play and master and that will keep making you play one more every time until someone snatches your phone from you.
Windows Phone StoreRail Rush - Windows Phone

Download Flow Free game for Windows Phone via Store

Flow Free
This is a very simple puzzle game where you have to connect all the like coloured dots while covering each and every square on the board and hence this game is very popular with puzzle lovers and also with those who are looking for a good past time.
Windows Phone StoreFlow Free - Windows Phone



Here is out list of the best 10 games for windows phone for the year of 2013. There were many other contenders in the list, but they did not make the cut. But overall the games are really awesome and we expecting a lot more from 2014 with many more and popular titles to come to Windows Phone.