Download Top 10 best games for iPhone and iPad for year 2013


Top 1o best games for iPhone and iPad in 2013

Games for iPhones and iOS are quite easily available on the App Store and that too with such an overwhelming way since there are so many games available along with all the popular titles on the store just like Android. But there are some differences in the availability and also the hardware differences also create some differences in the gaming patterns on both the devices. And due to this even though most of the games are same, there are some new titles in this list. So here is the roundup list of the best games for iPhones and iOS for the year of 2013. You can download the best games for iPhone and iPad from the list given below.

Best Games for iPhone and iPad for year 2013 are as follows:

Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfers

This is the most popular title ever among the young and the old alike. You travel around places and you can see people tackling around this game for hours to move up the levels and gain as many coins as possible. This game actually has many missions also as you go which makes it a bit meaningful and so you don’t end up just running for no reason. Also the power ups and many character options make the game even more interesting.

Angry Birds-Star Wars 2:

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Rovio understands the value of popular games and it came up with another new edition of the popular Angry Birds star wars title. This time they have introduced a new concept of gameplay where you can choose between the dark side of the Piggies and the good side of the birds and battle against each other into an all new arena with new maps and new world to play with.

Fifa 14:


This title is so popular that EA generally releases this game for all the platforms at the same time and also scores high on the number of downloads immediately. The graphics of the game has been designed really awesomely making it almost the same as that on the gaming consoles except for the touchscreen based interface which requires a bit of getting used to until you can play the game fluently.

Asphalt 8 – Airborne:

Asphalt 8 Airborne

The most popular mobile racing title is back with its 8th edition release with bigger and better graphics and also now with HD support making the game much more fun to play and also improving on the overall experience. Asphalt on iOS is not quite as it is on Android since Apple phones don’t yet support HD displays, but with the available resources, this game is a total treat in itself. this game is so addictive and involving that you might find yourself picking up your phone and opening this game planning to play just one but ending up playing more than 10 stages easily.

Modern Combat Zero Hour:

Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat is one very popular title on PC and consoles. For all those who are big fans of first person shooting games, then you will like Modern Combat a lot. The urban military warfare scene and storyline makes for a very attractive play and the interesting missions and almost real life like combat experience makes this game a superb treat.

Galaxy on Fire 2:

Galaxy on Fire 2

This game has received a lot of popularity on iPads and iPhones alike but more on the big screen. This is because of the superb graphics and easier spread up controls for it. Another amazing feature about the game is the unique concept of flying a plane across planets and killing the bad guys with a myriad of weapons and rockets on board your ship.

Plants vs Zombies 2:

Plants vs Zombies 2

This is a very popular gaming title on smartphones which received huge amounts of accolades for its first edition. Now it has been released giving it a refreshed look and also a new feel altogether to it completely. The second edition of this game comes with new loaded features, graphics and better gameplay options. This game is sure to addict you to it fully and you might end up spending a lot of your time playing this game until maybe your battery runs out.

Free Flow:

Flow Free

This is a very simple puzzle game where you have to connect the same coloured dots through a flow pattern from boxes and all the boxes in the pattern need to be filled in the least number of moves. The number of moves is actually dependant on the number of colours and difficulty level of the stage. It starts with very basic and moves up the difficulty ladder as you move on in the levels. It is a wonderful way to pass your time as well as give your brain something to work with in your down time or during your relaxation.

Dead Trigger 2:

Dead trigger 2

This game is the second edition of the popular dead trigger title which was released last year. This game became so popular due to the unique concept where you shoot down zombies and save mankind, the developers this time around have worked extra hard on this game to develop it much further and better in such a way that now this game boasts amazing new features, better graphics and most of all a better gameplay. Also the detailing in this game has been improved a lot making this game a real wonder to play. Also with many new weapons and in game purchases and HD support makes this game a real treat.

Bit. Trip Run!:

Bit. Trip Run

Don’t go on the simplistic design and graphics of this game, this game is really awesome with its character movement and storyline. The game is very simple as the name suggests, you just keep running and then have to keep avoiding all the obstacles in the way. the only thing here is that there are no lives, one mistake and you are out. So it will take you certain amount of tries until you actually get the hang of the game so consider the first few runs as trials.

So here is our list for the top 10 games for iOS and iPhone for the year of 2013. We are really excited what will be in store for the next year of 2014. So do comment below what you think about the games mentioned in the list or else which other games should have had been included in this list.