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Marvel comic’s blue eyed character ‘Thor’ & his adventures were once upon a time, restricted to entertain his fans only through comics or through a series of the movies that were based on his life.As many superheroes are still meeting their fans through movies, Marvel’s mighty God of Thunder ‘Thor’ has taken a lead above all and is all set to make his debut in the high-end mobile gaming market!!!!!
Marvel is following the current trend in the market by releasing a superhero movie alongside a mobile game based on nearly same concept and name as that of the movie. ‘Thor: The Dark World’ game is the official action-adventure game based upon this year’s theatrical movie ‘Thor: The Dark World’.

Download Thor The Dark World for Free

The game lets you participate as mighty ‘Thor’ who wages war against Malekith, the aristocrat of Dark Elves a arch rival of Asgard who has pledged to destroy the Nine Worlds and also leads all the evil legions. ‘Thor’ is the only one who can dare to stand in the way of rampaging Malekith,confront him from achieving his ominous goals. Thor is the last ray of hope for nine worlds who along with Asgardian legends like Sif, Heimdall and the Warriors Three, crosses his sword to defeat Malekeith.

The game is very well formatted that makes you to accomplish rapid action missions sporting challenges of different scales. The game has around 90 such rapid action missions. In his course,Thor can upgrade his historic hammer.Toss Mjolnir & his armor set to out play Elf legions. You can also unzip Thor’s more devastating skill setsthen decide which one to upgrade or utilize in the war.Thor needs to battle a stack of deadly dangerous elves from nine worlds in the survival arena,ultimately has to prevail in order to keep the nine worlds away from falling prey to Malekeith’s insane intentions.

The game demands at least 1.6 GB of storage space for successful installation.Download Thor: The Dark World is available for download at Android app store or Apple’s iTunes stores.Download failing to start in Google play indicates absence of enough empty space on device. Being a thrilling action game, it scores well above average as far as graphics and background audio score are concerned.

Folks,if you are a die-hard fan of Marvel comics & movies, then believe us, this is your piece of cake for sure.Game packs really nice graphics and decent story line download it for free from links below
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