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Cricket is a very famous game & it is very rare to find a guy who does not love to see or play cricket. From very rich people playing the game in stadiums or sports complex to the poor living in a slum playing on any free space available nearby, Cricket is a religion in India that binds all the people together & put ahead the spirit of sports. So why not play a small game of cricket on your Android phone just for an entertainment? The Street Cricket Pro is developed by Nextwave multimedia Pvt. Ltd. And it is available on Google Play for Rs.161.93. The game requires Android 2.0 or later versions to run properly on a device. The device should have an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU. It is recommended by the developer that the GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 should be there.The current version available on Google Play is 4.2 which was last updated on January 31, 2013. The game size is just 24MB.The game gives an experience of that rough play, the dust & the nostalgia of cricket like the user is playing in its own gully. The rules are modified a little bit but the regular excitement and game spirit remains the same.


The user can play the game with the smallest one of 5 overs and maximum 30 overs and the user also have the option to play in between 5 to 30 overs with the multiple of 5. Before starting the actual game, toss takes place. If the user wins the toss, it has a choice to bat or bowl first. The team comprises of only 5 members where the batsmen are predefined but users can select bowlers from a list of players available in the game. The user can start another game immediately after finishing one game. The user can score single run by running between the wickets. If the user hits over the building then it gives 2 runs to the user. If the user hit the wall, user gains 1 run. Have an enjoyable time ahead playing the Street Cricket Pro.
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