Download Snake Rewind for Android


You remember the Snake game of 90’s? Oh! Yes, how can one forget the trend of 90’s? If you have got nostalgic with the game running in your mind, then this post will make you glad on reading further! The Snake Rewind is back! Yes, amazed to hear? The Snake Rewind game is under development by Taneli Armanto. Taneli Armanto the creator behind the original game with game studio ‘Rumilus Design’.If you are curious about the graphics, look and feel of the game, the game will revolve on an original concept, but a step-up from the 1991 classic. The game will have good light and shadow effect, which will make the game more enthralling.


Despite the changes and revamped look, the game will still hold original feel and charm. But the curiosity revolves more on how touch-screen control will be?. The game gets created an interesting plot, where fruit is currency which can be either collected by purchasing or by collecting through your snake in the game. The currency can also be used to open new level. You can also opt for rewind option, if your snake tries to eat itself. Not to worry if you run out of fruits, you can opt for options of purchasing fruits also with extra-power ups.After getting a dig on ‘Snake Rewind’, we are sure you too are curious to get the game on your Smart-phone! If you are keen, you can grab the game soon from Play Store.

Download Snake Rewind