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Some time back Microsoft had released Skype 5.6 for Android phones. The company promised the users of the app a better pleasing experience. Now the company Microsoft has unveiled a newer version of Skype that gives the users new experience not only on Android but also on iOS also. This new version is Skype 6.0 Skype 6.0 comes in a new look for Android phones while keeping the trend of the Material Design visual language from Google. It is simply elegant and delightful for the Android phones. The floating action button in this makes it extremely easy to start a fresh conversation or beginning video calling. The floating action button also enables the users to send video, message or indulge in chatting. The app enhances search so that the users can get to their contacts quickly and much faster. It would also be easier to handle the messages, quick enough to see unread messages and segregate the read and unread messages in the phone.

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Microsoft Update Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad

Skype 6.0 for iOS also gets new look with refreshed interface, the redesigned Skype is easier to use in both the phones iPhones and iPads. It is simpler to navigate and the users can get to the conversations faster. It is easier to share the photos with the app so also users will find it easy to make calls and exchange messages. The enhanced search can enable the users to reach the contacts and groups faster and swifter. All the features of Skype for iPhone will be available on the iPad also.

Microsoft has not clarified the details for Skype on its new Windows 10 Mobile, as the new smartphone OS is still in development stage.

Download Skype 6.0 for Android | iPhone | iPad

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