Download Roman Nuriks Form WatchFace App


Android Watchface might be a bit old with Android Wear platform, but it got into the spotlight after the official Android Wear Watchface was launched. AW Watchface too stepped in the market with its part of exciting options, FORM too is coming from this list as a new Watchface. The FORM Watchface is created by none other than Roman Nurik, who is known for its best creation of Muzei Live wallpaper. Muzei support Android Wear, which provides a new FORM WatchFace. At the beginning, the interface might be simple with Meizu integration, which can mash together with five different APK creating customizable watchface experience.

romannurik android watch

With all information about FORM rolling above, you might be wondering what FORM is about? Let’s decode the code behind FORM. FORM show whatever wallpaper is currently rolling on the phone, while custom watch face will be placed on top of the wallpaper. Here are a few points one must know about the FORM Watch face app:

  • The FORM watch face app will offer latest Muzei artwork, which need to be installed on Watch.
  • It does not have an icon in app launcher, but once you press setting cog, inside Android Wear on phone you can make changes in theme or phone.
  • It is available on Google Play store, it also offers HD Landscape art source.