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Reckless Getaway is a super racing game with a twist and turns. You are a getaway race driver, trying to evade the law and control having performed a bank robbery. The controls are very simple; the vehicle speed is auto controlled, and just you have to do is steer right and left, avoiding traffic and obstacles until you are par on the safe zone. There are power-ups that can be treated to assist you, including a jump, speed boost and EMP.It’s not only about getting to the end of the level however you get rewarded for collecting coins and loot on the highway, as well as hitting and pulling off stunning stunts. Just do this and you get rewarded with stars which unlock new levels to play ahead.
Be at risk, however, the more your car gets thrashed, the less stars you can collect. Getting all four stars on a level is difficult to do, but not impossible. It’s a damn rewarding!!!

Download Reckless Getaway Free for Android


  • The intuitive controls make the game easily and immediately accessible.
  • The graphics are awesome, inspired by brand games, for smoother game-play.
  • The focus to detail really makes the game-play stand out unique, including a plane flying above the head in one level, or trams and trains blocking your way.
  • The level design is superb. There is seventeen road tracks to race on, each with their own specification.
  • The two different ways to play the game adds novelty. You can try to collect coins and perform dramatized stunts, or make and destroy as much as you can. The next mode has you driving a large lorry, and is a great addition.
  • The physics are impressive, and veering in and out of road traffic is great fun.
  • The game depends on trial-and-error a bit too much. You need to play through the levels many times to discover all the new routes, and plan out which is the best one to take.
  • Understandably given the hint of the graphics, the game is a bit of a battery consumer.

The game requires a large download after first install (about 26mb). It doesn’t hint you to download this (it just starts on initial load, but can be cancelled and stopped). Something to bear in mind WiFi is not available.
There’s currently no “lite” game version, so can’t be tried before you buy, save for the 15-minute extra period.
To speed things up, WiFi is recommended or get on 3G data connection.
Download Reckless Getaway for Android