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The Rayman Jungle Run is developed by Ubisoft entertainment and is available on Google play for Rs.227.08. The Rayman Jungle Run is powered by an UbiArt Framework engine. The UbiArt Framework engine had brought Rayman Origins which were the winner of numerous Platform of the year and Game of the year awards. The current version available of Google Play is 2.1.1 which was last updated on December 3, 2013. The game requires Android 2.3.3 or above versions to run nicely and has a file size of 104MB. The game is filled with beautiful graphics. There are new worlds to be discovered by the user in the game. The user can unlock new powers of the Rayman and experience the thrills that what other things Rayman can do. The background music is also suitable with the game. The game has a smooth touch based controls so the user will not be having any problem while playing the game. The game also provides exclusive wallpapers for the device to be unlocked.

 Rayman Jungle Run for Windows, IOS, Android


Rayman Jungle Run is an easy game for anyone to pick up and play but it stands as a challenge for longtime Rayman players to master the game. The game gives the challenge to unlock the land of Livid dead level to test the skills of the player.The journey of Rayman continuous with 20 entirely new levels, which the developer has provided for free. There is a new Pirate ship section where Rayman has to dodge cannon balls and jump through the falling rocks. The level is filled with tremendous action, taking the skill test of the player. Rayman has to rush faster than other levels in Boss plant chapter to escape from the giant flower which does not smell so good. There are two new Land of the Livid Dead levels; the user must be very skillful to enter them after running through all the other levels. The game has succeeded to score 4.4 stars on the Google Play website which surely means that Rayman lovers are really happy with the game that the developer has provided.
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