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Pocket application also formerly known as Read It Later,this application is an offline reading app and with this application you can simply save the text version of the page so that you can read that later. With this application, it is very simple to download long article and read that later without any internet connection. This become more important when you are stuck in some no-service area. There are two views that this application is providing. One way is to save the text and image only and second is the saved version of original website source. If you are saving very long article then it will be better for you to use text and image only view.


Depending on the device that you are using, this app will rescale the content so that it can fit on the screen with the support of the portrait and landscape views. The article that you have saved can be sync with your account so that when you open the app from any other device, you can have access to those articles. It is easy to pocket almost every thing with this application like articles, news, video and photos and view them anywhere you want. There is always some pros and cons with any of the app and same applies for Pocket as well. We have listed some pros and cons below and at the end there is download link for the app.


  • Great usability
  • Easy to use after setup
  • Lots of options
  • Access account over multiple devices


  • Initial setup takes time

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