Download PBA Bowling Challenge Game on Android Free


Pba Bowling Challenge is a 45 MB free game download from the Google Play Store is as the name suggests a game for those who love Bowling and specifically the Professional Bowlers Association. With competition with such famous PBA names such as Walter Ray Williams Jr., Pete Weber, Mike Fagan and Tommy Jones, this has one exciting competitor line up and is sure to test your bowling skills. Also included is multiplayer gaming in which you can gauge your skills against online players from the Google+ social network.

PBA Bowling Challenge

Now in the strictest sense, something with PBA affiliation in its name, should not have bowling balls of this kind but this game does have the lightning ball which uses mysterious electric energy to make the pins ball and the bomb ball which creates a mini-explosion which makes all the pins fall once it hits a pin and other such wonder balls.

And yes, this game has In App purchases, so it is likely do to damage to your wallet, unless disabled from the Android system settings. The controls of the game are either screen swipes or tilting the entire phone through the accelerometer, to control the specialized balls which are purchasable through the in game ticket currency. And obviously the lanes and the pins keep differing in each scenario. However as the player rises up the leader board the more expensive it becomes to take part in a match, with upto ten to twenty minutes of waiting time just to be able to hit the lanes again. The alternative is IAP of energy recharges that allow you to pay instantly but which do not come cheap however.
Download Pba Bowling Challenge