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The Oppo PC Suite is an application designed to enable Oppo phone owners to transfer important data from the mobile phone to the desktop and vice versa, but also to control some handheld features directly from the desktop. It is helpful to provide some new functions to an Oppo phone including backing up, editing and synchronizing the files. PC Suite is a pretty design tool, as it is a very easy to use application with a user friendly and intuitive interface. When the phone is successfully connected to the PC all functions can be accessed from the main interface. There are 3 connectivity options available: Bluetooth, USB cable and serial cable (CA-42), with the USB being fastest among them.

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At times if any connection problems occur while trying to pair the computer and mobile phone. If this occurs establish a new connection by disconnecting previous one. The backup and synchronization features enable you to keep the important data stored on your Oppo phone safe and ready for a restore when needed. You can sync contacts, notes and calendar and can keep them up to date on both mobile device and computer.

Another very important function you will get in Oppo PC Suite is the conversion and video viewing. It is helpful to convert any movie into the video format supported by your Oppo phone.

Some key features of Oppo PC suite:

  • Back up and restore phone files
  • Connect by using your phone as a modem
  • Convert ringing tone formats
  • Edit contacts, pictures, and phone file names
  • Play multimedia messages and videos
  • Synchronize your phone and PC calendars
  • Transfer information, music, and pictures from phone to phone or phone to PC

As PC suite is important for any device the USB driver is to useful. USB Driver is aa�?must thing to bea�?installeda�?on desktop so that the mobile can interact with your PC. These drivers help perform tasks likea�?syncing, transferringa�?data. Almost every company provides USB drivers with the mobile package. Oppo USB drivers are useful to connect with oppo handsets. The most popular version is Oppo 1.0 in users.

Giving a lot of useful functions that allow you to easily control and manage the data on your mobile phone, the Oppo PC Suite offers a user friendly experience overall.

Oppo mobile phone PC Suite download for all devices

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