Download Nokia Lumia 638 PC suite for Windows, Mac


Nokia a giant name in mobile industry have provided something new and out of the box with its every release. The company has always launched something new and interesting even in their basic phones, with windows they changed the shape of mobile industry with a new OS, and some other outstanding features were released with it Lumia series. In addition, nokia’s takeover by windows have led to more plans that are precise with unlimited development scope. Nokia launched Nokia 638 in June 2014 with a very basic prize and with some very good features. This again is a budget phone and comes at a very cheap prize of approx. 9k. On top of all you, get a 4G support device at a cheap of 9K.

Nokia lumia 638

Nokia Lumia 638 PC suite download

Nokia 638 is a 1.2Ghz quad core snap dragon 400 processor with 1Gb RAM this specs are not new but mind you with windows OS 8.1 the device will not lack at all and you can also use multiple task simultaneously. Nokia has provided 8GB internal memory and have added external SD card slot to expand up to 128 GB for all those who never like to delete their good memories. Nokia 638 provides 4.5” capacitive screen with 16M colours. You will get a 5MP rear camera to click images with no flash typical Lumia feature the company hasn’t added any camera in front thus it will prohibit you from video calling. Company should have added this feature, as it is always “selfie time” for all the youngsters now days. All this is backed with very advance and seamless OS windows 8.1 the very latest. You will get this device in various co lures and with this; you get all the basic feature that a smartphone has.

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Pc suite:

Flyer Files: A Wi-Fi based data transfer method used to wireless transfer data from your phone to any pc or laptop within your Wi-Fi network. The application allows you to transfer data at a very high rate without any usb cable. To achieve this all you have to do is install this application from the windows store for free connect it to any browser with the given ip address in the application and transfer all the SD card and phone data to your PC. The process of data transfer is quite simple and free and you can transfers data at a streaming rate.

Remote Device Manager: Remote Device Manager is a newer data transfer method developed to transfer data without usb via WI-FI. You just have to add the address mentioned on the software and just transfer it via browser. This application is not free like the above one but surely, with the amount they are charging you also get few more facilities. You can download and upload unlimited files contacts you can display your device location display pictures remotely capture a picture and lots more by just using this application. The application also helps you protect your device from thief remotely via location and remote capture image options. You can download the trail version and get hold of limited features. The most important is security option that is provided in both the version security to access is remotely from any device.

Download PC Suite Nokia Lumia 638 For Windows PC
Download PC Suite Nokia Lumia 638 For Mac