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Modern Combat, a true game that stands for its name, this game has given outstanding series of game. It’s all four parts, have earned good success. This game was developed and published by Gameloft. game is now available on all platform iOS, Android, and so. Its four series Stand Storm, Black Pegasus, Fallen Nation and Zero Hour have gained flying success. The first series was released in 2009 as a one person shooter game. This game has a lot matching similarity with Call of Duty. The game is filled with many missions and different environment. A beautiful game crafted with great graphics and effects. Let’s pull light on series of Modern Combat:

Modern Combat Android game series

Modern Combat : Black Pegasus

This game gets better and better with its each version. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus improves the game, the graphics and effects displayed in the whole game are truly breathtaking. This game gives brilliant modern war experience. Downloading this Android game is not a difficult task; you can download via link below.
Download Modern Combat : Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

This is a bit heavy game, which requires 1.37 GB of storage space. This single battling game has earned good reviews of audience. A total show stealer, entertaining game which will make you lost in its action series. The game has 13 mission campaigns from Los Angeles to Pakistan. In the game there are different modes like an escort, chase, helicopter, destroy. The game offers most absorbing experience simulating real war. The battle can be played in six different locations and 7 modes with up to 12 players.
Download Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour

This is the ultimate game widening the spectrum of battle to the latest techniques. With the nuclear warfare being known, this game offers the opportunity to save the world from destruction. The elite soldiers must track down and rescue leaders from the familiar deadly terrorist groups. The game is multi-player with over 20000 weapons arranged. High quality graphics and improved sound and voice make the game all the more thrilling
Download Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour