Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for IOS and Android


Minecraft Pocket Edition is developed by Mojang and is available on Google Play and IOS devices. The game size varies as per the device and so does the Android requirement and current version. The game was last updated on Google Play on December 6, 2013. And the game has succeeded to score 4.5 stars on Google Play.The objective of the game is to build virtual realities in the sandbox like environment. In the game, the player has to place the blocks to build the things.The pocket edition of Minecraft includes randomly generated worlds. The game can be played in multi-player mode over the local WI-Fi network. The multi-player mode is cross-platform compatible between Android and IOS. The game also included Survival & Creative modes.


In the most recent update, Minecraft has included iconic creepers, which are big, green & mean. There are many such creepers included in the game since the game has appeared in Pocket edition. There are new features included in the game like Food, which enables user to cook and go hungry. There are swords, bows and TNT. There are skeletons and spiders. There are beds and paintings and lots more. The pocket edition lacks some of the survival elements present in other versions of the game and has very less features as compared to its PC version or the Xbox 360 edition. To comply with the disadvantages of touch screen game-play, the developer has revised several features of the game. The pocket edition provides a D-pad at bottom left corner of the screen which controls the movement. User can place the blocks by tapping the screen at desired position.
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