Download iPhone Top 5 Application for November 2014


Apples iPhone is one of the best ever smartphone created and has no one to beat it at what Apple do in creating this small wonders. Apple has to also take care of all the supplies that they provide so that their tech can be fully utilized and their customers remain served with all their needs. The iPhone app store contains load of application for their users and its one of the very biggest app store available on the face of earth now with some of the very best and quite useful application. The application provided are useful in your daily life and so here we are getting you with the top 5 application that is useful for you.

Apple iPhone 5S Application

Find my phone

Protecting your device is must now a days with chances of losing important information is more now a days as our devices have now become our companion. With find my iPhone you can get the exact location of your device and can remotely execute instructions to overcome the issue. You can lock your device, remotely wipe data, paly sound, display message or remote lock the device. With lost mode being activated you can remotely lock your device and can activate a custom message with your number on it. The application also provides driving directions to the device when it’s lost. This is only method to protect your device but mind you need internet connection all time.

Beer buddy

Beer buddy is a barcode cum information grabber application. The beer buddy will use your iPhone camera and will be helpful while scanning barcodes. Once the barcode matches the application will provide you will all possible information you should know about that beer its make, owner, contents, history reviews etc. Beer buddy also allows you to add a new barcode or search the name directly for the new beer bottle. Beer finder feature allows you to search about beers. It provides about 20 list of any country with full info. The beer finder has auto complete feature and seamless search makes it awesome. The application is first of its kind and it’s linked to a much known website The application has lot of various stuff to offer. So for all the beer lovers here is the application you would never want to miss.

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Bacon reader for reddit

Easiest way to Reddit is using bacon reader. Bacon reader helps you follow post sub-reddit and users. Bacon reader give you all the latest news and updates in a tabular manner with most recent and favourite ones at the top. The application has loads of features and its speed and response is quite awesome… You can subscribe submit vote an article and also comment on it. Bacon reader categorized articles and manage multi-reddit. Bacon reader has very powerful search engine with auto complete so that you don’t have to type the whole thing. This applications has many other features which makes it more useful. You can edit your post add images to it to get more attention of your fans.

Fit spotting

Fit spotting is a very successful social media application for reviews about hotels fitness clubs gyms etc. With fit spotting you can search about gyms or fitness clubs even fitness centres in hotel and review them or see someone else’s review on it. It is first of its kind that reviews fitness centres in hotels resorts and casinos. Fitness habit can’t be neglected and to know about better fitness centre when you are travelling or on a business trip grabbing some valuable time with few right exercises and few right setup is most important. The application will search better location based on your GPRS locations with all the right facilities. With fit spotting you can upload images, rate and review a particular hotel with respect to fitness centres. The application has an international coverage so where ever you go want to know about fitness this is the application you are looking for.

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Calories counter plus

For all the health conscious people iPhone and plus sports together got an application to calculate your daily consumption and loss. IPhone app store has given this application as one of the very best rating. You can set daily goals and you application will help you achieve it using calorie counter. Caroline counter will calculate your daily needs of supply like vitamins minerals and will map as per that the list of foods to be preferred. The application has daily report logging thus you can see daily results and statistics which is very much useful to track your progress. Calorie counter plus also recommends required nutrition and exercise. The application comes very handy when you try to understand the result and work on it for better results

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