Download Googlea��s New Street View App: Upload your street views


Google has recently introduced a new feature to the Google map world. Recently launched Street View mobile app which has the potentials to explore Google Map with 360-degree view feature. Yes, the photos have improved to a great extent. The app is re-brand and update of the older version. Remember the a�?Photo Sphere Cameraa��, this feature too is introduced with the ability to create panoramic view, and can be shared with Google Map. The photos shared can also be shared with others to explore the street view in depth. Last year, Google introduced Photo Sphere with the prime goal to capture panoramic photos. They are also trying to generate content for good purpose for users. There are several third-party tools which offer panoramic photos, while iOS also include panoramic photo feature.

Google Maps

Googles Street View App updated for Android and iOS

If one is comparing, Google Map is ranked as #8 and also titled as most downloaded iOS app. The Street View app can help user to track a clear path and explore through a photo sphere. The idea seems to be appealing to scoop out new locations. The new feature not only gives the freedom to shoot panoramic photos with your Smartphones, but also use a spherical camera like NCTech Iris360 or Ricoh Theta S. These cameras gives portable and simpler solution to record 360-degree view without disturbing complication, with easy functions. This updated version is live on Google Play and iTunes.

Download Googlea��s New Street View App for Android | iOS

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