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Are you a die-hard football fan,always dream of managing your own football club? Then ladies and gentlemen, there is a news for you.Football Manager Handheld 2014 is providing a perfect platform for you to live your dream!!!This one of the best seller and probably the most realistic football management game is now available for mobile and tablets for nominal cost. This ‘Sega’ designed game makes you a real manager of a simulated football club and demands to awaken ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’ hiding deep within you to take your football club to the ‘Glory’!! FMH 2014 provides you all the privileges of a true football club manager.You can set up your new team right from a scratch. You have all the rights to decide players in your team, make decisions regarding player transfer and biding, monitor entire match and make relevant substitutions and tactical changes to outdo your opponents. To be precise,Football Manager Handheld 2014 tests your mettle to see whether or not you have that x-factor to become a successful football club manager!!!!!

Football Manager 2014

FMH 2014 is way better than its predecessors as far as graphics and functionality are concerned. ‘My Club’ mode lets you to portray your dream club right from the grass-root level. You can decide your team name, kit colors, supporting staff and other things to pull together your squad. You can then participate in league matches to lock horns with today’s actual famous football clubs and can fight for the ultimate championship.Playing only football like ‘FIFA’ is not the ultimate beauty of the this game, instead managing a football club that includes not only playing matches but also looking after team’s progression in the tournament, interacting with the media, making right team combination, and setting up a goal for the future and managing the entire squad by the means of building; transferring players are all that constitute.Football Manager Handheld 2014

There is a provision for tracking the progression of individual players as well as the entire team to see whether all is going well. This tracking helps in making strategic decisions related to club’s think tank. Post-match analysis is also available to keep the track of the team’s tactical strengths and weaknesses. Historic records are also maintained to revive the golden era that club might had in the past which might work in team’s bad patch to seek inspiration from!!!!!
To speak of its graphics, FMH 2014 scores good with overall excellent audio-visual and intuitive game menus which gives complete joy of managing a football club. Game scores around 3.8 on a 5 point scale. Its slightly higher price ($6.99) is however a thing to bother about, as other equally high-end games are available at much cheaper rates. Still all the football fans may still like to have a shot at this brilliant game as it may feel them like a dream coming true…well not completely … but at least to some extent !!!!!! You can download Football Manager 2014 Handheld direct from the link below.

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