Download Final Fantasy: III| IV| After years |V for Android phones


The original Final Fantasy is bang on dude! After 17 long years they are back with Final Fantasy IV, this game will be available on Android. The game is stuffed with super characters, making game more attractive at each step. The game has released series of download, each running into success. This After Year APK series is divided into super graphic ten playable parts.

From this, four parts revolve around the main story, while six rotates on side stories. The game is crafted into wonderful graphics and effects. The game is covered in 3D makeover and complete touchscreen support. The start this, all you need is 447 MB space on your hard-disk to download it. Players can take control of characters like Ceodore, Queen Rosa as he struggles and work hard to earn name for him by getting listing on Elite airship.

Final Fantasy: III| IV| After years |V for Android

The adventure begins, as the second baffling moon appears, creating a panic situation. This game has also made its appearance on Google play store; huge number of people can get benefits by visiting and downloading from their own Google Play store. Other games under this includes Lunar phase a mysterious lesson, Band abilities, and Active time Battles. The Final Fantasy has topped in game ranking, after a series of its game successful, there is a lot of expectation set from this particular part. This part After Years comes with heavy amount, this game is not available for free, the rate of this is $17, 69. While investing such heavy amount, note Android user with 4.4 versions, won’t get benefits for choosing this game, as it won’t work on this platform. This game is not yet made compatible with the new ART (Android Runtime), and at the end user have to switch to old version to get value for your investment.

This game is not in linear sequence, so you can go on unlocking characters in any order as you wish, to cover your game journey. I can’t resist myself away from this, as I am a hard-core fan of the Final Fantasy series. Hope , you too grab this soon.
PS:the article is all about Final Fantasy:After years we did come across the rest and given the links for download!! Enjoy!!

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