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Are you looking for something better than the default note taking application on your phone A�This app comes with everything that you can think of for a note making application like organizing notebook information, share that with others. There is also automated transcription service with the help of which you can use speech into text feature.


It is very simple to make note with this app. Just click on the plus button and it will create new note for you. You can start typing there and finally save it. Other than the text information, you can also add photos, audio recordings, tags, and locations in your notes. Now they have also added the rich-text formatting in their note. With the help of this, you can format the text in word processor and add bulleted and numbered lists, include links etc. Down side of this is that, you cannot turn the rich text formatting and make a simple text note. Whenever you start a new paragraph, it inserts a line space in that. it is also not possible with the application to make a multi level list.

One of the highlights A�of evernote is its syncing system. Whenever you make a new note or you do any changes to the existing note then it sync the same with your evernote account. So if you make any note with your phone and later you start the app on your computer then you will be having access to all your previously created notes.


  • We can add text, photo, audio and other kinds of notes
  • Automatic syncing
  • Available for Mac/PC, iPhone, iPad,Android,Windows Phone,Blackberry


  • Its sometime irritates to use Rich text editor

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