Download Disney Games free for Windows Phone Limited Offer


Disney has brought Holiday cheer for Windows Phone users by letting them download their most loved titles free for a limited period of time.With titles like Where’s my Water which are a crowd favorite its no surprise that people would love to see such gifts in regular intervals. The Windows market store has seen a tremendous rise in the number of apps with more and more crowd favorite apps on the way, the Windows app world is rising to the competition of its rivals.
We have seen apps like Instagram hitting the windows store and more in the pipeline, The windows App market does lack some good quality games which its rival have, but with time we see no reason that the gap will be filled very quickly.
Disney has a number of games that are easy to play and are real crowd favorites,with this limited offer Disney has just made the holiday season a little more cheerful

Windows Phone 8

Here is a list of Games available for downloads from the Windows Market Store.
Download Where’s my water 2
Download Where my Mickey
Download wreck-it Ralph
Download where’s my Perry
Download Where’s my water
Download Monster University