Download Clear Master for Android


Some of the times, application in your phone is taking extra space than what is allocated for that application and this leads to make memory overflow condition. To tackle such condition, they came up with the app names as Clear Master. This application clears the cached data from your phone like browsing and search histories, call logs etc. So after clearing such data, you will get faster processing with your phone.

Clear master

There are many of the applications which stores the long history and many of the temporary data so that when the application is stared again, it should take less time to start. This is good for application but negative side is that the phone processing becomes slow. This stored data is known as “cached data”. Clear Master is an application which knows that how these data can be tracked and how to remove those from the phone. This may affect the processing of a few application but that is very less or ignorable.

If you want then you can also schedule the Clear Master so that it can wipe the data for particular application on some specified time. Clear Master is not going to affect the personal data or call and message logs in any way. This makes the Clear Master, the safest way to free the memory space.