Download Candy Crush SAGA for iPhone and Android Phones


If you like to play puzzle game then Candy Crush SAGA is for you. The main roll in this game is brightly colored candy. You have to link a minimum of 3 candies and this link should be vertical or horizontal and when you manage to do that then those will be disappear from the game grid. As you keep on doing this Successfully, it will get you more and more points and accordingly you will be moved to the next level of the game. the game is finely structured and they have made calibrated difficultly level so that you can get the right degree of challenge.

Candy Crush Saga

While playing the game, it is important that you do not stress by the time limit. If you failed to do that then there are more chances that you hit the bomb at crucial point and it results into losing the game completely. So be careful and solve the game puzzle within the given time. Design of the game is bright, colorful and cute. Just click on the download button below and that will let you to the App store from where you will be able to purchase or download the game on your device. There are a few pros and cons that we are listing below.


  • Simple graphics
  • Popular game
  • Social options


  • Cliched game mechanism
  • Confusing in-app purchases
  • Low quality


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