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It’s becoming a regular trend for all the reputed gaming developers to launch a high quality mobile version of the game, every time they come up with their flagship game developed exclusively for gaming consoles!!!!This time around, ‘Ubisoft’ has decided to launch their Assassins Creed Pirates version for all the major smart phones which will accompany their major console game ‘Assassins Creed 4 – Black Flag’.
Assassin’s Creed Pirates is compatible with iOS and Android platforms while Windows phone 8 based edition is on the way of making its debut in the market.
Assassins Creed game series has received several accolades so far for its incredible game-play, magnificent graphics; its ability to capture the gamers world of visualization, its latest mobile version withstands its reputation; gives the player that same excitement for which Assassin’s Creed series has been renowned.

Although mobile version ‘Pirate’ was released by Ubisoft right after ‘Black Flag’s release, still both the games bear few differences as far as game-play is concerned. The prime difference being their courses- ‘Black Flag’ is a third person action adventure game whereas ‘Pirate’ can be associated with a pirate ship simulator wherein the player is not personified directly to any particular character in the game, instead of that the ship itself acts as a bridge by which player gets connected with the actions of the game.

However, marine combats which were the soul of Black Flag, have been given equal credit here in its scaled-down mobile version as well; it too brings you the real thrill with the same intensity as that of its console counterpart.

Assassins Creed pirates lets you to step into the game as a young  and dynamic captain of the ship- ‘Alonzo Batilla’ who esteemed to become one of the most Dreadful; glorious pirate in the history; rule the Caribbean sea. In the quest of becoming the legendary pirate, Alonzo Batilla has to wage wars against his equally formidable enemies in order to destroy then; plunder their treasures for upgrading his vessel,to add more devastating arms in his arsenal.

On most of the occasions, the player has to engage in missions spread all over the map to either for destroying enemies for ransacking them or achieving some task assigned as per the mission. Hunting treasures; parchments are also there as a side-quest which can be persuaded at some leisure time. You can recruit new crew members to improve your strength. Overall there are more than 50 missions in the story mode & more missions keep on unlocking as the game progresses.

Stunning graphics and visuals are big USP of this game. Considering the game to take place entirely in mid-ocean, designing various moods of sea and showing off different weather conditions is given the highest priority. Excellent lighting effects, wobbling of the ship on water surface, detailed caricatures of ship models give the cinematographic effect to the game.

Background scores, inspirational pirate songs at the beginning of missions & other sound effects provide rightly patronage to mind blowing visuals & also help improving overall audio-visual quality of the game.
The game has scored around 8/10 as far as ratings are concerned. It’s incredibly realistic attire and excellent game-play makes it a proud member of the mobile game’s Hall of Fame collection. However, its higher price (around $4.99) is a bit of concern as most of its counterparts are available either for lower prices or for free of cost. Nevertheless, this game is a visual treat for players; has the power of giving experience of real adventure of a pirate’s life!!!!!

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