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Download Anomaly 2:11 Bit studio will be showing its creativity again, but this time with a unique way. The 11 Bit studio creator of Anomaly has announced a secret game. This secret game will have lots of special deals and money involved in it to win.This game will be well crafted with great graphics and elegant effects. The creator 11 Bit studio, has come with a total sequel to its previous popular ‘tower offense’, series.The game is all about a battle between towers Offense Vs Tower Defense.Anomaly 2 is a sequel,this new game has lots of advanced features stuffed in it. The game can be played as a single player campaign;total concentration is needed to keep an eye on enemies attacking at any moment.

Anomaly 2 for Android,iOS

In Anomaly 2, the roles have been reversed, the species will be on the machine control planet.Building new strategies each time to give a tough fight is a rule to stay up in this game. The game becomes exciting as you move ahead in the game as a tower, destroying humans is breathtaking.

The game is all about fighting on the planet, by creating new a different tactic to stay up in this battle. Making your own path to achieve victory and keep giving your best on each level. The experience of playing this game will not be matched with any other game.

There are several sites through which you can download this game, to defeat your enemies and stay on achieving victory. This new release of the game is optimized for Smartphone’s and tablets.The popular Google Play store also offers you a link the download this game.
Download Anomaly 2 for Android
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