Download Angry Birds Star Wars II for iPhone and Android Phones


As we already know that there are many Angry Birds games and if we start counting them then we will have a handful list for it. This game is featuring many of the new levels and these levels are split into campaigns. If you compare this new game with the first Star Wars entry then you will find that the game levels are having the same path but now you can activate the branches in the path simply by hitting specified targets. There are more than 30 different characters into the game and most of them are completely new.

angry birds star wars

With the release of this game, they have also introduced some new ways to play the game. You can get new characters by the game currency which you earned through completing achievements or if you don’t have game currency then you can also get that with real money. After that, you can swap out these characters for the default birds into any of the game levels. As you keep on using these characters, it will get individual points that will free the special bonus level for that particular character. All these things gives the player a completely new way to play the game. Apart from all these, it is also having Telepods. Telepods is a physical toy which you can use for activating some of the characters into your game. you just have to place the toy on the device camera. We are providing the link to download the game for your phone. There you will get some more details about the game. I hope no instruction is needed for downloading and installing the game as it is very similar to the other application.

Download for Iphone

Download for Android