Download Amazon Underground App: Get Free Apps and Games


Amazon Underground is a fantastic way to get Free Apps and Games worth 10,000$ (dollars) for free via Amazon Inc. Even in App purchases are free for customers, Amazon has managed to achieve this by typing up with developers and passing on the benefits to the customers. Here are the easy steps via which you can get this amazing app and tons of free stuff

Amazon Underground Free Apps and Games
  1. Open your favourite browser on your Android phone
  2. Go to the Link
  3. An Alternative way is to register your email id and Amazon will send a link to download the app via email. Thats all folks

Enjoy the free Apps and Games.

For developer who think its not something they want to indulge in. Give it a second thought cause Amazon Underground has thought about every aspects
You can register on the following link The concept should make an interesting alternative to Google App Store. Since most of the Apps currently have in-App purchases which make it annoying to many smartphone users. Have a look at what developers have to say about it