Download 10 best calendar apps for Android users


Events are what shape any moments in Life and make it sad, good or bad, those moments are timeless,to be present for such occasions is the most important factor that we as human beings yearn for, forgetting them as become part of our natural cycle given the busy lives we spend these days.In a connected world there is always a way out.Calendar is an essential thing to check in daily life. A calendar is like a diary, and is useful to keep records and reminder for important event. Some might think, keeping a record in diary is a waste, but note keeping a check and record helps you to remember minute things in your busy days. But some people will never agree on this note to maintain a calendar or record important events, while those who prefer to go with this, here is good news!

Best Calendar Apps for Android Users Download

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

This is most famous calendar app; this comes pre-install on few Smartphone’s. This app helps you to schedule events on particular date, and then viewing day, week, months are easy. Adding notification is also easy, just by simple click on that particular date. Google Calendar has a unique color coding feature; each day is color coded giving a great visual look. This app also provides you to set status with set of pre-built status like busy, not disturb, and so. But the only back drop, I found in this was it does not have flexible home-screen widgets option.



Jorte is a calendar app, used by millions of people. This is only calendar app who has crossed 18 million download. This app can act as personal organizer, there are several function that makes this app a cool app. Jorte Calendar app has several exciting features like setting plans or scheduling Monthly, Daily, Weekly or so. You can mark your important event by red color. Importing Holidays, exporting content to excel format is easy through this app. This app also has Cloud feature, which can be used for multi-device synchronization and backup. This app also works with Google map and Google voice search.
Download Jorte Calendar App

Business calendar

This calendar application is a complete all in one calendar which can be sync with Google calendar. This application is smooth to work with, it also has color-coded year. Switching between time-line bar and events on new months is easy. This application has good graphical view, and it’s surely user friendly. There are total 11-different themes to set on background of calendar, there are also additional dark color themes, making it more unique and exciting application.
Download Business Calendar App



This provides a complete functionality, entering events, reminders, adding event in future are very easy on just one click. You can also find freedom in selecting widgets . You can find advanced feature under this app:

  • File sharing is possible
  • Unique Theme
  • Stylus support
  • Privacy settings
  • SMS and Email reminder

Download A-calendar App

DigiCal app

This is most stylish app I have seen, this calendar app is stuffed with rich and classy features making a beautiful app. This app has several unique features like:

  • This app can sync with Google Calendar, Exchange and
  • The interface of this app is clean and stunning with smart features in trendy way
  • The calendar can be checked in Landscape or portrait mode
  • The action bar makes it easy to edit or move events, deleting event is also easy.
  • This app can be translated 24 different languages
  • It also supports weather forecast.

Download DigiCal

CalenGoo calendar


The CalenGoo calendar app is an app that can be in synchronization with Android calendar and the Google calendar. The design enables user to work easier and faster with this app on phone. Day, week, month, agenda and landscape day are the five different views to keep vigil on the upcoming events, so that events can easily be postponed or preponed as per convenience . They can be moved or copied by simple procedure i .e. via drag and drop in the requisite day, week, month and the landscape day view.

  • Features: The events are moved, copied deleted or opened by drag and drop to respective place.
  • Widgets can be seen on the home screen, without opening the app. The agenda widget can be scrollable if needed.
  • Month view can be zoomed.
  • Recurring events can be added just as in case of the Google calendar app. is the site for troubleshooting, using right email is vital to get response.
Download CalenGoo

Cozy family calendar and lists

Cozy family app helps the over busy individual to manage busy life and keep entire family closely in touch. This app has won the Appy Award for best family App, moreover the TODAY Show has named this app as the number one ‘must have app for a better life’. Life is on the move and gone are the days for one to rely on the calendar in the home or office to mark events.

  • Cozy family calendar on your mobile is easy to use calendar. This is color coded so as to note the individual’s program easily.
  • The appointments can be added or changed so that every member in the family can see.
  • The option to set reminders, shall help not to miss any important event.
  • Shopping list can be compiled like grocery list which entire family can have access.
  • Viewing items added by family member can be done even when user is out.

User can create TO DO LIST separating them as shared list and checklist for kids. The mobile can remind you of the to do things or delegate them to any other family member.Download Cozy family calendar and lists App

Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar works with the Google Calendar or any other option supported by the chosen mobile. This app features calendar search and the repeating events such as bimonthly or biweekly.

  • Touch calendar is easy to use.
  • Just tapping and holding on a date to add a new event suffice
  • Tapping on the event to see details user can edit or delete after pressing Menu button.
  • Touch to scroll backward or forward as much as desired.
  • Arriving at exact date is possible from the menu. Font size and default zoom can be set from the settings.

Full version of Touch calendar needs to be purchased for having widgets on the screen.
Download Touch Calendar App

Checkmark all in one Calendar

Check mark Calendar

This is a real multipurpose All in one calendar that manage all synced calendars on phone. This calendar provide day, week, and moth format. Built in Zodiac calendar that display zodiac sign and traits. There is also Moon phase Calendar displaying the day’s moon phase. Simple design enable users perform the operation by clicking, swipe or long click.

  • Built in calendar to display birthday or anniversary date of contacts.

Unique feature being the availability of multiple language support such as English, deutsch, Italiano,Spanish and also Hindi among others.
Download Checkmark all in one Calendar App

Zenday: Tasks to do, Calendar

The users proclaim this as the best app for better productivity, organization and tension free days.

  • Zenday is the best way to organize your schedule. Zenday is a perfect task list.
  • Zenday presents tasks and appointments as a 3D Rolodox.
  • Zenday is perfect time management, changing life and work making it better.
  • ZAenday reschedules the tasks in available time automatically to make life easier.

Download Zenday App