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Angry Birds Go! Comes racing onto phones with Mario Kart like action game.Angry Birds game series gained popularity rapidly. Killing the Angry Birds by hurling stones and destroying them level by level was an instant success. The craze spread rapidly like wildfire, there was no age bar all was instantly addicted.The flick and throw system was instantly popular.In the same fashion it is noticed that the racing games also were a big hit.Racing cars and bikes in Mario games gained tremendous popularity among the users.Angry Birds Go is a similar style based game where users play against to reach finish line,with various tools at their disposal during races,ability for In-game purchase is also available for users.

Angry Birds Go free

Rovio has come out with unique game “Angry Birds Go”. The game is a race between the birds and the irritating pigs, Where the Mario Kart like action and the raging war between the warriors birds and the irritating pesky pigs.The game involves racing that too downhill on the piggy island.This is the first 3 dimensional version of the series made available.Angry Birds Go is a free download across all mobile platforms.
The actual game offers variety of tracks including the off road tracks and even the air course. There are different game modes, these include the Race, Champion Chase, Time Boom, Mega Match.

As game advances the player steers own device to control the driver or use on screen controls. Drivers are the usual suspect from the franchise, and there is an option to place King Pig and the Mustache Pig as a driver. Every player chosen has unique special powers that can be used to beat the opponents and win.
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