Doraemon repair shop game for android review and free download


Doraemon repair shop game is a 29 MB download app by publisher Animoca from the Google Play Store that is based on the popular Japanese Anime kida��s character called Doraemon which is a robot cat from the future that is up to doing good stuff everywhere. There are nine challenging levels and yes there are in App purchases that can be disabled by your modifying systems settings. Basically, the game is a fast paced time management game, in which the objective is to attend to the customera��s needs.

Doraemon Repair Shop

Doraemon Repair Shop Android Game Download


The story revolves around the town in which Doraemon, Noby and Shizuka and friends decide to open a repair shop as they notice that there is a heap of old and broken appliances and furniture which are dumped in the trash. The game starts off with customers in a field with their broken objects and you lead them to a bay where Doraemon as the cat form the future provides them with X ray camera, Reconstruction Flash Light, Dismantling Screwdriver, A�Super Batteries and stuff like that. AndA� that is when the bubble quote changes into an exclamation mark and youa��ve to be very nimble with your fingers and brain to begin servicing the customers and matching their needs and expectations.Now in order to upgrade the tools for faster service and production you may need in Store App purchases, as the pace gets very frantic at times, however all IAP can be overridden by a simple system setting disablement.You also have to train Doraemon, Noby and Shizuka and other friends for better efficiency, a typical Japanese version of Kaizen or improved efficiency.Indeed it is quite heartening to see simple management concepts being trained on to the average kid. Now Doraemon himself is rewarded with delicious Dorayaki, and you will be rewarded with a sense of achievement nonetheless. The entire game is nicely presented in the unmatched Japanese Anime style, and this is indeed a plus for the old players of Doraemon games.Best of all it is free.

Requires Android 2.2 and up.

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