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The ace game developer a�?The Blast Furnacea�� is back with the next version of their popular action game series, a�?Call of Dutya��. The action-packed new versionA� of a�?Call of Duty: Strike Teama�� features some excellent add-ons than its ancestors & comes up with fresh ideas as well as an interesting game play. Switching anytime from first-person view to the third-person view is the most startling feature of this pacy game. The player can switch from the first-person view to the aerial-drone perspective in a jiffy & can direct the entire squad to move ahead with a planned strategy. This mode is far more appealing than any other combat game as it provides an opportunity to employ the brainy tactics & the skillful use of maps as well as available resources to prevail in the battle. Since you are in-charge of your squad, you can order your men to strike your enemies with intense firing, bomb enemy sites, set up covering fire, protect the objectives & much more!A� On top of that, the small arrow provided on the bottom of the screen assists in the quick aim & also helps in switching the target.

Call of duty strike team

The game plot revolves around the year 2020 when the tension between the world superpowers surges to the apex. US falls prey to the surprise ambush from an unknown enemy. Now it is the mission of yours to smack down this ferocious enemy by leading a a�?Joint special Operations Teama��. The campaign consists of straightforward objective-based missions wherein, players can control teams deployed for accomplishing specific missions including gathering the intel, protecting a stronghold or even launching attacks to battle-out the enemies!

The game is quiet pacy & leveling up occurs frequently. Upgrading weapons & gears in between the mission is possible through in-game currency earned by accomplishing missions or by in-app purchase. Constant progress through the game keeps the player interested in the proceedings. The a�?Call of Duty: Strike Teama�� is exclusively available for all the touchscreen devices based on Android platforms. This fun yet challenging game can be best enjoyed when played with the third-person overhead dronea��s perspective.

Call Of Duty Strike Team apk A�download

Licence : Free
Category : Action
Size : 29.1 MB apk download and 971 MB Data download
Required: Android 2.1 or Up (2)