Best games for Samsung Galaxy Core downloads


Samsung galaxy core is one of the crowd favorite smartphones from Samsung.The phones good configuration make multimedia comes alive, it is a delight to play games on this phone.We are listed some of the games that are a delight to play on the Samsung Galaxy Core.

samsung galaxy core

Temple Run 2: Temple Run is a really crowd favorite and now they came up with Temple Run 2 with some more new features included into it. This is one of the best games for Android and iOS platform. The running character in the game is also modified. Along with this, they have also added new modern graphics, updated game play. Click on the Link below and then click on the install button to have fun.

Temple Run

Candy Crush Saga: This is one of the best free games available for the android devices. With this game, we will enter into a sweet kingdom with a little girl. We will have to go through many worlds and each of the world is having its own unique characteristics. This is also a must play game and I am sure that you will like it.Click on the link below to see which candy is of your choice

Candy Crush Saga

Bad Piggies: The Bad piggies game is the next generation of “Angry Birds”. Angry bird is already very famous game and developers of this game decided another version for the Angry birds franchise. It’s a lot of fun playing this

Bad Piggies

Cut the Rope: This game is a puzzle game and fun to play. There are sweets hanging with the rope and you will have to cut the rope in the order and with timing so that the sweet should fall in frogs mouth.There are many levels in the game and as you proceed to higher level of the game, it will be more complex to play.

Cut the Rope

These few games that are a crowd favorite and works flawlessly on the Samsung Galaxy Core. Have fun while playing. Do post your scores on the comment sections below 🙂