Best Free Games for Nokia XL


Nokia XL is the top phone from Nokia Android series as it has hardware much more powerful than other two phones in this series. With its huge screen you will love to play games or watch movies. For gaming efficiently on your phone you need to have screen atleast 5-inch and this is present in Nokia XL. Below are the names of some games which is perfect for Nokia XL.

Nokia XL

Dead Trigger 2
It is one of the most popular releases of 2013. It is an action game, where you play as first person shooter. You are on a mission and you need to complete that mission carefully as there are lots of surprises in the game. With new updates in the games, it is been added with some new content and mission. Graphics of the game is imaginary but feels very good to shoot the enemy with different weapons availed in the game. Download this game to unlock the surprises hidden in this game.
Dead trigger 2

If you love football then this game is just meant for you. EA sports have released its latest FIFA 14 and this is an award winning game on console. On your Nokia XL you will enjoy this game pretty well; definitely you will not feel same like you feel while playing on console. You can enjoy playing football with any one of 600 teams in 33 leagues. Join the team of your like and start scoring, free version game is little aggressive so this creates issue to execute your plan during match.

Clash of Clans
If you like real-time strategy games then you should go through this game as this provides you to play in multiplayer online real-time strategy game. Idea behind the game is you construct a village and defend your creation from other players which can be real players. You can play alone or you can join clans for fighting a battle, you can also build your army to attack real players. While the game was launched it was simple but with the upgrades it went on much efficient. Download this game and enjoy real-time strategy game.
Clash of Clans

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 is top grossing game in Android and iOS phones and now Nokia XL can run Android files then you can enjoy this game on your phone too. Temple Run 2 is game where you are chased by a big monkey and you need to save your life. While running and saving yourself, you can collect coins and power ups which help you in different ways. On the way you will find hurdles which you can pass by jumping or sliding. With the help of motion sensor you can tilt your phone to run effectively by saving yourself.
Temple Run 2

Subway Surfer
Another top grossing game for Android and iOS phones, which now you can get in your Nokia XL as well. Subway surfer is also same like Temple Run 2 but here you will run in subway and save yourself from hurdles like train signals and many more. You are chased by Police and dog because you are caught against using graffiti in metro line. You get many power ups and coins which you can use for unlocking new levels and for purchasing stuffs necessary to run.

Subway Surfers