Which are the best Android games of 2014 till now


Games have taken over!! Yeah… Been avid gamers we have always supported gaming community. We enjoy the challenges and the satisfaction that games offer. Sometimes we need to ask the guys here to get on with the work. That been said we went through loads of games in the last seven months and we know its early to decide which are the best so far since holidays are time that most game companies look forward to come out with their best work. We decided to have a look at the last 8 months of games, what have they offered, which ones are popular.In 2014, several games are already launched and some have gained huge popularity. Leta��s have a look at some of the best android games of 2014.

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Asphalt 8: Airborne the best racing game

Asphalt 8 is the next series of the asphalt racing game launched in 2014. This new game has better graphics, new modes, new rides, etc. Millions of users have already installed this racing game on their Smart phones. This game can be downloaded from Google play store and that too for free of cost. To install this game on your Smart phone, your device must have sufficient storage as its size varies from device to device.

Dumb Ways to Die: enjoy gauntlet of mini games

In dumb ways to die user needs to go through 15 mini games. After crossing 1 mini game the user is promoted to the second game, and it continues until the user has completed the last mini game. As the user proceeds the level of difficulty also gets increased. To download this game on your Smart phone you must have Android version 2.2 or more.

XON episode Two: explore a unique world

XON episode Two is the best puzzle and adventure game of 2014. In this game user explores a unique world and reveal its mysteries. This game has beautiful graphics and challenging puzzles. To download this game your device must have Android version 2.3 or up and 45 MB sufficient storage. You have to pay INR 68.50 to install this game on your device.

Dungeon Hunter 4: fast action game

Dungeon Hunter 4 is a fast action game where the user starts a single player campaign; gather loot by attacking multi player opponents. This game is liked by millions of users and it can be downloaded for free. Only users with android 2.3 or more can play this action game.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: protect your lawn from Zombies

In plants vs. Zombies 2 user needs to protect his lawn from an attack of zombies. Users have to think a lot about protecting his lawn as zombies are smarter and have new strategies for destroying your lawn. This game is available for free of cost at Google play store and users with android version 2.3 or more can install this game.

These are only few games which have sought user attention in 2014. You can look for all the new releases in Google play store. You can also search over the internet for new android games in 2014.