5 Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone and Android


Pregnancy is a very delicate phase in a woman’s life more than that, it may be experience more than once depending on the person herself. Ages before, pregnancy is even more regarded as a dangerous circumstance because of lack of knowledge and doctors and a slight mistake might cause loss of not only one but two people which are the pregnant mother and child she bears.

5 Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone and Android

Fortunately, in the age today, unless there are unexpected circumstances, the fatality of pregnancy is almost next to zero. Still, checkups and getting tips to doctors every now and then is really time and money consuming, even though, it is for the well-being of the child right? But what if the knowledge and things you need are just a few centimeters away from your fingertips?

Here are 5 of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android.

1. My Pregnancy and Baby Today | BabyCenter

My Pregnancy & Baby Today

Are you expecting a baby? Then this app would be best pregnancy apps out there. Learn about pregnancy and how your body is changing every day. Know what is coming and how to cope with them. Along with fetal development images, see how your child is growing each week. Get access to thousands of informative BabyCenter articles about you and your baby.

iOS | Android 

2. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

A comprehensive pregnancy app is what BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is. Become informed about your pregnancy progress and track and share the experience with family and friends.

BabyBump features a fast customizable forums that connects parents around the world, don’t be afraid to ask. A countdown widget that allows you to monitor how much time is remaining until delivery date that can be calculated from your Last Menstrual Period. BabyBump also feature Daily and Weekly info and images, journal and weight tracking, graphical charts and more all in the tips of your fingers.

iOS | Android

3. Prenatal Pilates by Blue Sparrow

Prenatal Pilates by Blue Sparrow

Even under pregnancy, moms can stay in shape with this app made for pregnant iPhone users. An app easy to use and follow as you move through your workout. Keep your back healthy as you gain addition weight upfront. One of the Best pregnancy Apps that offer more than information for expecting mothers.

See multiple free workouts from fitness experts and experience workout handcrafted and made for pregnant women. So stay fit and healthy every day.


4. Pregnancy +

Pregnancy +

Pregnancy + was created with help of  leading industry experts from health-care, childbirth and parenting experts to create on the most complete and informative App. With daily information to beautiful images Pregnancy + offers a wide variety of options for expecting mothers. It even has a Doctor Appointment log and baby kick counter. List of options are endless, makes it companion app for those crucial nine months. Pregnancy + is one the best pregnancy app currently available on iOS and Android stores. Download via the link below

iOS | Android

5. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Calendar

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Build by Ovuline a womans health company. With over 3.1 million users Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is always improving and provides immense information for expecting mothers. One can track various stages of pregnancy with this app. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is build by taking help from Harvard scientists, specialists and you. One can connect Ovia app with your WiFi sleep tracker and track sleep patterns covering aspects of your preganancy throughtout. One can download Ovia pregnancy App via the Link below

iOS | Android

There are many other apps that can help and aid pregnant women during this delicate time but these apps are no doubt 5 of the best.