5 best games download for Yu Yuphoria


With the high number of purchases of Yu Yuphoria mobile devices a great number of games have been developed to run in this phone in a very smooth manner. This games will vary from free apk downloads to games which require payment of a particular fee for download. Most of these games can be played in a 3D platform while enjoying high quality sound. The following are some of the highly rated games for Yu Yuphoria.

5 best games download for Yu Yuphoria

5.A�Boxing Street Fighter 2015

This is one of the top boxing games in the market. You will enjoy street fights, timbale on asphalt and throwing punches on your opponent. This game is all about fighting for glory as you scroll for different scenarios in the game. Continuous progress in the game will enable you to win the championship boxing. This is the highest level of boxing in this game. Using your Yu Yuphoria, you will enjoy great 3D graphics, physical realistic, fast championship fight mode and quality sound. This game is totally free in a variety of platforms and this makes it more convenient for most of the Yu Yuphoria owners.


This game is a loved car game by great numbers of people. All you have to do is to join the revolution and start drifting. This games championship combines a good number of challenges and opponent and also cars which require unlocking. Drifting; maneuvering a car through corners at high speeds, is quite necessary in this game. You will enjoy stunning 3D graphics with multi-touch capabilities on your device. Also there is an online Global leadership board which gives you the opportunity of submitting your highest scores in each circuit to different players. Playing often will enable your overall career score to rise and will expose your achievement to different players of the game. This game features: unique race tracks, vehicles with unique specs, cutting edge control, and camera configuration among other great features.

3.A�Night Moto Race 2015

This game in 2015 has received over 1,000,000 downloads and enjoys a massive 250,000 users on a daily basis. This game is a motorcycle racing game featured with: riding your bike through different challenges and also missions, ability to shot your opponent using the missile technology on your bile ,XP points system to level up and when you reach xp level you have the ability to unlock a new world of locations. This game has been designed for those people with the notion that motorcycle games are easy. With only very great seeks you will have a chances of finishing in the top positions.

Night Moto Race 2015

2.A�Shadow Fight 2

This game is a mix of classical fighting and RPG. This game will allow you to equip you chosen character with a great number of lethal weapons and different sets of armor. You will enjoy like-animated martial art techniques as you crush your enemies and strive to close the gate of shadow. In this game, you will plunge into an epic combat sequence, devastate your enemies using intuitive controls and journey through six different world which are full of menacing demons. With your Yu Yuphoria you can enjoy 4 localized languages which include (French, Germany, Chinese, and Russian).

1.A�Avengers Initiative

Just like the avenge movie enjoy intensive battling experience. The characters in the Avenger series are the same characters here. You have to battle with a dozen of enemies as you make your way up. With your Yu Yuphoria mobile device, you will enjoy stunning HD visuals, great sound quality and an overall a great experience.