5 best games download for Micromax Canvas Spark


All Micromax Canvas Spark offer high quality graphics, this is quite appropriate for playing various games. The phone also has a powerful battery which can keep it running for long periods. All these, with the high demand for this phone have made lots of developers to come up with games which can smoothly run in this phone. The following are top 5 games for Micromax Canvas Spark.

5 best games download for Micromax Canvas Spark

5. Zombie Reaper

This game is all about shooting zombies. They are usually weak at the head and neck part meaning the player should try to shoot them at the head. In case you fail to shoot a zombie the player should ensure that they are not bitten. The faster you shot them the higher you earn points. With your Micro Canvas phone, you will enjoy a 3D experience will using simulation to kill these zombies .You have a variety of weapons to choose from. This include: M1911 gun, AK47 among others. In this game you can enjoy an intense zombie blasting mode inside an arcade. The main of objective of the game is to become a first class contractor for killing the zombies.

Zombie Reaper - Zombie Game

4. Dead Target Zombie

This game is a futuristic kind of game. It has been programmed in 2040 with the outcome of the world with world war 3.Ecah country frontier will change and modern warfare will move a notch higher. After the minister who is in charge of defense sings a contract with CS Corporation, an activity of transforming prisoners into super evil combat killer begins. However the CS cooperation becomes betrayed and is threatened of a zombie attack if the president does not follow new rules. A special commando team is developed to attack the source of these threats. Only one commando escapes and the country depends on him to save them. With your Micro Canvas phone, you will enjoy: 3D graphics, high quality sound effects and Ragdoll

3. Fast 6

This game introduces you to the world of high class drivers in the streets if London. You will join a crew which will be pertaining in taking various jobs in different heists. This game transforms the mobile experience to another level. It is featured with great graphics, different game modes intensive missions and addictive challenges. As you take down more drivers you earn more respect. All the cars involved include high ended licensed vehicles which range in a variety of designs. As you progress in the game, you get bigger heist and also faster cars.

Fast 6

2. Need for racing New Speed car

Your Micromax Canvas will smoothly play this game. The player will participate in 10 different racing modes and will drive 15 cars during 5 seasons. The player has the freedom to choose an auto and compete with other drivers. The more you speed the more chances of winning. This means that the need for a fast car is a necessity. This game is a knockout version where the slowest drive is knocked out of the competition. This game has incorporated features which are very unique from NFS and other car racing games. There include: unique drive mode and several drive models to choose from.

1. Captain America

This game is about a special force soldier who has to kill an enemy in order to protect his country. The main mission of this game is to kill as many terrorist as one can .This game has often be regarded as the greatest sniper shooting game of all time .Enjoy easy control with your Micro Canvas.